The Ultimate Guide To Melasma Pregnancy


Have you ever experienced melasma on your face? Melasma is a skin ailment when your delicate skin gets discolored with pigmentation. Melasma pregnancy is not a surprising issue for women as around 6 million women have been suffering from this acute skin disease.

It appears on the victim’s face by dark, gray or brown patches. It can attack a person especially women in various areas of the body such as neck, forehead, cheeks, upper lips, belly etc.

In this article, we will have more discussion about its symptoms, causes, treatments or triggers. Also, we will know more why melasma pregnancy happens.

The risk is on the higher level of causing this skin ailment to those who have darker skin. Let’s know more about it in details.

melasma pregnancy

Symptoms of Melasma:

If you are not well-known to this word, then it’s not possible for you to know the symptoms. That’s why I am having a short discussion about the symptoms. With that learning point, you can easily know if you are going to face melasma or not.

  • First of all, if you discover any gray, brown or discolored patches on the particular area of your appearance, then melasma is going to attack your skin.
  • These patches will gradually seem painful and itchy for you. Such a burning sensation will definitely eat you up with the distressful

Causes of melasma

Following factors play a vital role in causing this skin issues.  In most cases, it is commonly seen to have in melasma patients.

  • Family history is a common factor in this kind of serious cases related to skin problems. If any of your family members suffered with it, possibilities are there to happen it with you again.
  • In pregnancy time, women have to go through hormonal imbalance. This is one of the major causes of melasma pregnancy.
  • If you regularly use skin products containing toxic elements, melasma has chances to cause a deep impact on your skin.
  • Excessive sun heats can trigger this painful phase in your life. That’s why using sunscreen will be much better for you.

Aforementioned causes are the most common that happens in most cases. To let you know more we have been come up with more knowledge.

While a woman is going through pregnancy period, the term is considered as chloasma during pregnancy. The most interesting fact is during pregnancy, a decent amount feminine hormone-like estrogens, progesterone etc. expands during that time. This hormonal imbalance may be one of the leading factors for melasma pregnancy.

There is good news for melasma women sufferers. After the age of 50, the propensity of melasma decreases due to the activity of the melanocytes.

Moreover, some of the oral contraceptives are responsible for it. They increase the risks at a higher level by enhancing the skin sensitivity and make this happen with the patient.

How to treat melasma pregnancy with natural and healthy treatment

It’s really a weird feeling to have discolored condition on your pretty face. Women love to spend their decent amount of hours on the mirror by exploring their beauty.

That’s why it’s pretty shameful and like a curse for girls especially on the pregnancy period. Let’s learn about melasma treatments that work.

1. Consult your physician:

If you made any extensive use of any creams before having the melasma treatments from your physician, you should consult it with the dermatologists.

Any kind of hormonal medication changes should not be ignored in any way. Also, you should have the knowledge of treatment cost.

2. Stop having skin threatening medications:

Hormone-related therapies; birth control tablets etc. which are harmful to igniting melasma should be avoided. During pregnancy, these two factors are the most common causes of leaving a bad impact on the hormone. That’s how melasma causes seriously.

In this case, you can follow different choice or can switch on get the aid of other products consulting with the dermatologists.

3. Ask your doctor’s advice when you want to use hydroquinone cream:

In general, hydroquinone is widely used as lotion or gel. With the doctor’s prescription, you can use it. It blocks the melanin production that is responsible for having darker skin.

That’s why it reduces the possibilities of melasma. Make sure, you are not using it without making any consultation with the dermatologists. However, if the concentration goes higher than 4%, it might act as dangerous for your skin.

4. Save your skin from sun heat:

If you don’t want your melasma condition to get worse gradually, avoid the UV-rays of sun heat. Soon, it will prevent the epidemic state of melasma. Following tips, you can maintain to protect your beautiful skin from the unwanted threat.

  • When you are about to go to the outside of your home, use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 at least 15 minutes before. Thus, you can save your skin.
  • A broad hat with a bigger sunglass is important to dress up for you to wear in the excessive sunshine. Moreover, if you are having chronic melasma, you should wear long-sleeved dresses that might cover your skin area from the scorching heat of the sun.
5. Lower your stress level:

During pregnancy, it is too much threatening for the skin and baby too. ‘’Yeah, I am talking about stress.’’ No matter what happens, always try to calm down and manage your stress.

For doing so, you can seek help from professionals. Also, you can follow mind-relaxing physical exercise or control your breath. Meditation will work better for you in this case.


Melasma pregnancy is undoubtedly a serious skin condition that leaves a bad effect on the mind of the pregnant mother. Again, it may cause harm to the baby too.

In this article, we have made a lot of discussion of preventing or curing melasma. We need to be extra careful. In some cases, it goes well completely. Whatever happens, we should try to reduce the prevalence of this skin problem.

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