Will Melasma Ever Go Away? Get The Right Answer


Melasma causes different spots on the faces and women are the worst sufferer from it. This skin disease detaches a person from leading his/her normal life as appearance looks so dull for it. Now the question is will melasma ever go away? In this article, we will have a discussion on that.

What is melasma?

Melasma is a natural skin problem that often occurs on the sensitive area of the faces such as cheeks, nose, forehead, upper lips etc.

It may end up resulting discolored patches on the skin brutally. Apart from that, it can attack the other valuable parts of the body too.

Will Melasma Ever Go Away

What causes melasma?

Around 90% of women have been suffering from this skin ailment badly. Especially those who are having pregnancy period or menopause, or who are having oral contraceptive are facing this skin problem.

Moreover, excessive sunshine, hyperpigmentation disorder also can cause melasma.

Will Melasma Ever Go Away? Melasma treatments:

Despite there are many treatments available for melasma treatment. But no one can say it with a guarantee that it won’t come back again. So, the best answer of will melasma ever go away is it is not guaranteed. In my opinion, proper skin care and best precaution are better to prevent it.

In some cases, there are chances for melasma go away completely. But not in every case, same things will happen. So, you need to take care of your skin first with proper care and treatment. You can leave the rest up to the time.

Below I will inform you how to prevent it with precautions and discuss how you will fight with will melasma ever go away issue.

1. Save your skin from sun heat:

Once you get cured of this disease, you should use sunscreen on regular basis. The SPF of the sunscreen product should be within 30 to 60.

Again when you are about to go to outside of the home, using a hat will be suitable to save your head skin. It will stop unnecessary UV-rays hitting on the sensitive areas of the skin.

2. Never use harsh chemical products:

If you want to use any cosmetic product on your skin, you must use natural products. Harsh chemical products contain toxic elements that may cause skin irritation.

Never use any products with powerful fragrance. Just stay relaxes and stress-free. It will be helpful for your skin.

3. Mineral foundation:

Mineral foundation has been formulated of zinc oxide, iron oxide, titanium dioxide. This suitable foundation will protect skin from Sun heat and remove melasma.

4. Melasma creams:

Melasma creams are also one of the best treatments for the sufferers. Skin hyper-pigmentation can get lighter with the application of the creams. Make sure they are being prescribed by the dermatologists.

Remember, even when you are using it, you need to save your skin from the sun. Some of the best melasma creams are Hydroquinone, porcelain Serum, Azelaic Acid etc. These work best on melasma.


At the final point, it is clear that without utmost care and treatment, one can’t cure melasma well. In some cases, it cures completely. That’s why don’t lose your hope and have constant effort.

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