Will Alcohol Kill Scabies? : Get The Right Answer


People who are suffering from scabies might have a question in their minds that will alcohol kill scabies? In fact, scabies isn’t a new-heard disease. It leaves a drastic effect on the upper layer of the skin.

Most often, this question occurs because it varies from man to man. In this article, we are going to share relevant answer of it.

Will alcohol kill scabies

Symptoms of scabies:

Before having discussion about it, you must confirm that you have this skin disease. Actually, mites are responsible for spreading it. It offers you itchy skin state with painful feelings.

In fact, this is contagious and within touch of a patient, it can spread rapidly. It can attack on several parts of your body like waist, elbows, knees, feet’s, between your fingers, scalp, and hands along with other general parts of the skin.

Mostly at night, intensity of itchiness can increase with double speed.  On several spaces, you can discover rashes. If you find something like this continuing on your skin, you must be suffering from scabies.

Will alcohol kill scabies?

Will alcohol kill scabies? Several times, it has been asked by the sufferers. Mostly, who had experience of getting cures for permanently or for temporal solution?

Question arises because there are mainly divided into two individual groups. One of the group claims to use alcohol for it and other strictly say no to it for medical condition.

In fact, when a patient drinks alcohol, his/her body immunity decreases in a wide range. Their sensory tends to respond less and they are going to roam on the world of illusion.

Logically, at that state, a drunken person fails to feel the pain of scabies. A large quantity of alcohol may reduce the intense feeling of scabies. In fact, it does offer you relief for a time being.

Moreover, a feeling of anything is somehow connected with the brain. Our neuron sends signal and that’s how we can feel. When you are already drunk, brain stopped working logically. This may suppress your perception.

Drinking alcohol may leave a temporary effect on decreasing the scabies. On the contrary, it won’t kill this skin disease for permanently. Till now, no research is found on this topic.

Scientifically, we assure you to consult a physician or apply home remedies to prevent it. Proper care and applying remedies and therapy may cure it.

Neem oil, Aloe Vera, turmeric etc. are using natural remedies that can boldly fight with scabies. Again, with doctor’s approval, you can go through some special treatment.

The increased amount of itching might leave you in an unbearable condition. Seek for a better solution that lasts for long.


By now, you may have got your answer of the question about will alcohol kill scabies? Kill means it will get vanished permanently.

But with alcohol treatment, it will make you feel good for time being. We have already elaborated the description in this article. I wish your better life.

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