What Hormone Causes Melasma and How?

Melasma is a critical skin disease that provides skin discoloration. Till now, the exact reason of it is not discovered. There are number of factors which are responsible for it. Hormonal imbalance is one of them. In fact, what hormone causes melasma? or does progesterone cause melasma? In this article, I am going to share in broad discussion about it.

what hormone causes melasma

Reasons for hormonal imbalance:

Women are the worst sufferers for this acute skin disease. About 80% women have been suffering from it. You must agree with us that no particular reason has been defined till now behind it.

This is assumed by most of us, there is a subtle connection of hormonal imbalance with melasma. During pregnancy, women go through some physical and mental changes. Moreover, taking excessive birth control pills is dangerous for skin issues like that. The imbalance state of hormone is responsible for that.

What hormone causes melasma?

In our body, there are number of hormones found. These are important for different reasons. Then, especially, what hormone causes melasma? This is actually a brilliant question.

Generally, sex hormones make hormonal imbalance and cause melasma. For women, estrogen, and progesterone and for men testosterone are responsible for this skin problem.

Besides that, there are other more factors that may lead a person to hormonal imbalance. Weak digestion system, too much stress, poor diet, and age sometimes ignites the condition.

How hormone affects melasma?

You may get surprised how hormonal imbalance can drive the skin issues to melasma? This informative article will give a fit reply and describe the link between these two.

When you are in stress, the body generates more cortisol. Pressure leaves a negative effect on the hypothalamus part of the brain. That’s why adrenocorticotropic hormone ignites the required gland to produce cortisol.

As it wants to make balance with the stress, it starts producing cortisol. There are some vital hormones in the body like progesterone and pregnenolone.

They get consumed while cortisol is produced rapidly in the body. As a result, other hormone estrogens also become unbalanced. It starts stimulating in a wide range.

As a result, MSH accelerates to produce and melanin starts being increased in the body. Of course, melanin can increase for other more reasons, especially for sun exposure. Also, hormones are responsible for the increased amount of generation of melanin in the body.

If you want to get rid of this hormonal imbalance period, you should start rebalancing it again. “How can you do this?”  This is very simple. A good lifestyle can bring a new change in your disoriented life and contributes a lot to reduce melasma by keeping hormones balanced.

You can follow the suggestions below.

  • Never have any birth control pills.
  • Relax for sometimes. Enjoy the life with better refreshment and enjoy your life.
  • Use sunscreen to protect the skin from sun.
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This article is enough to let you know about what hormone causes melasma. Always be careful in leading your lifestyle. Keep away from this dangerous skin issue forever.

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