Who is Mukesh Ambani? 10 Hidden Truths Revealed!

1. Mukesh Ambani ranks 10th globally, worth $115 billion.

2. Asia's wealthiest individual is Mukesh Ambani.

3. Reliance Industries, led by Ambani, earns over $100 billion.

4. Reliance's portfolio spans petrochemicals, telecoms, retail, and oil & gas.

5. Ambani launched Jio in 2016, now with 420 million subscribers.

6. Disney merged with Reliance's India business in an $8.5 billion deal.

7.  The Ambani family owns Antilia, a $1 billion building.

8. Critics claim Reliance's success relies on political connections.

9. Ambani's children, Akash and Isha, manage Jio and retail.

10. Extravagant parties, like his daughter's wedding, are customary.