Psoriasis vs Eczema Based On 6 Parameters

We need to know psoriasis vs eczema as these two diseases are confusing to understand. Skin problem may turn into big when it makes our daily life unbearable. We feel discomfort and embarrassed to go to outside. This is why, any skin disorder should be diagnosed immediately and take proper remedies action by the consultation of doctor. Itchiness, irritation, rash etc are very common in skin problem. These problems not only deteriorate our physical condition but also create emotional disturbance. Eczema and psoriasis are two common types of skin disorder, exhibits different symptoms. But both have significant differences as well and we will discuss it here in terms of different parameters.

Psoriasis vs Eczema

Psoriasis vs Eczema Based on 6 Parameters

Parameter – 1: Definition

Psoriasis is one of a major skin disease. It is characterized by raised skin looking reddish, scaly in outer layer of skin ant it is surrounded by whitish silver layer. This occurs due to overproduction of skin cells which pushed skin to the front layer. Plaque psoriasis is a common form of psoriasis, happened mainly at elbow, knees, scalp and lower back. About 7.5 million people of USA are affected by this problem.

Eczema is also known as atopic dermatitis. This is a long term skin disorder characterized by red, hot, inflamed, itchy, peeling, blistered, cracked and pus-filled. It is caused due to hypersensitivity reaction, allergens, environmental changes, foods, hormonal imbalance; stress etc. Some irritants such as dyes, animal, fabric, soaps are responsible for eczema. Hence, it illustrates psoriasis vs eczema.

Parameter – 2: Which age it shows up

Psoriasis usually appears at adult age. It starts to show up age between 15 and 35. The average diagnosis age is 28.

Eczema usually appears at childhood. It starts to show up between age 2 to 6 months of age and in maximum case it shows before age 5.

Parameter – 3: Causes

Psoriasis is the result of overproduction of skin cells. This occurs due to over action of immune system. T lymphocytes attack healthy skin cells to grow new cells and these new cells moves up from deep inside to surface of skin. Hence, it produces scaly silver layer with reddish shades.

Eczema is the result of two factors: Genetic and environmental. Environmental factors include heat, harsh chemical containing elements. There many eczema triggers we should take in mind are: allergens such as pollen, house dust, foods such as eggplant, shrimp, eggs etc, Cold weather, certain chemicals etc.

Parameter – 4: Symptoms

Psoriasis looks silvery, scaly with red and white patches. These are mostly appear on the outside of knees and elbows, and in the lower back and scalp. In some cases, nails become brittle due over action of skin cells. Here, patients also face inflammation, itchiness and cracking on the skin.

Eczema turns skin red, cracked, itchy, dry and pus-filled bump. Skin looks discolored and it mostly appeared in chest, back, neck, wrist areas of skin. In case of baby, it is seen on the face of baby. Other symptoms include lichenification, hyperpigmented eyelid. Hence, these symptoms elaborates psoriasis vs eczema.

Parameter – 5: Treatment

Psoriasis can be treated by three ways: 1) Skin cream, 2) Medicine (oral/injectables), 3) Light therapy. Primarily light therapy is used to reduce psoriatic inflammation and creams are used to alleviate mild psoriasis. Other medication includes: Anthralin restores abnormal DNA activities. To remove inflammation and scaling coal tar is used. Shampoo fill with Salicylic Acid helps to decrease scaling and stimulate new skin cell to grow. Furthermore, topical retinoid do the same function.

Eczema is treatable if you keep skin clean, moisturized. Hydrocortisone, a mild topical steroid is used in mild eczema. You can use prescription drug such as tacrolimus and pimecrolimus if situation deteriorates.  But you must first take advice of registered physician or dermatologist. Moreover, antihistamines are also used to remedy of skin itching. Ultraviolet light therapy may help in severe eczema problem.

Parameter – 6: Natural Remedy

Psoriasis can be treated by natural remedies.  According to research, aloe vera reduces skin redness and scaling. It should be used three times a day. Apple cider vinegar is used to treat scalp psoriasis and it is found in grocery shop packaged in bottle. This should be used several times in a week. Dead sea salt mixed warm water may be used during taking bath. It removes scaling and itching as well.

Coconut oil is the best one for eczema. Its soothing effect helps skin to stay away from itching and pain. Moreover, sea spray, fermented cod liver oil, magnesium baths are beneficiary to treat eczema.

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