5 Best Plaque Psoriasis Treatment You Can Rely On

Plaque psoriasis comes in a variety forms and around 7.5 million Americans are the worst victims of it. It often leaves a patient in a painful condition and hurts intensely. There are some possible ways of plaque Psoriasis treatment.

It developed different red patches coated with whitish build up including dead cells of the skin. Whatever it ends up resulting in the skin, proper care and therapy can comfort to pick up you from the frustrating condition.

In this article, we will discuss about the causes of the disease and its curing process. Let’s have a look at those facts.

plaque psoriasis treatment

What is plaque psoriasis?

When psoriasis is involved with an increased palette, it comes with so many different forms. The patient is being affected on the elbow, scalp, and knees or in many sensitive parts of the body.

It often causes unease feelings with severe itchiness. There might have bleeding from the affected skin areas. Immune disorder ultimately makes it to happen.

Psoriasis affects the skin and white blood cells resume the attacking tendency in a violent form. As a result, the skin continues to get newer form to get recovery.

This procedure constantly grows up and consequently results the overproduction of dead skin cells.

The painful state of the victims is simply inexplicable to describe. A study shows that around 80 to 90 percent psoriasis related cases are defined as plaque psoriasis.

What causes psoriasis of the skin:

Till now, doctors failed to make confirm about the firm and root causes of plaque psoriasis. This autoimmune disease attacks most of the good cells and makes the new cells build up quicker than ever. Mostly, the family history of this skin disease is considered as the possible reasons.

  • Genetic factor:

Genetic history is often responsible behind the main cause of it. About 10% people carry these genes that develop ultimate ground for plaque psoriasis.

  • External & internal factors:

Apart from heredity genes, there are some underlying factors considered as external and internal triggers that stimulate this disease in an epidemic form. Specific medications, stress, infection, usage of some chemical substances etc. are assumed responsible for it.

5 Best Plaque Psoriasis Treatment:

Plaque psoriasis treatment is not impossible to do. How severe is your condition that ultimately defines the ways of treatment? There are some ways adopting those, you can get cure and possible relief from it.

1. Topical treatments:

This is the best way of plaque psoriasis treatment. As it is very easy to apply and available medication, it is widely used to remove this skin problem.

If your psoriasis state is on mild level, this treatment is enough for better cure. Moisturizing creams, different kinds of ointments, steroids, shampoos etc. are easily applicable in this kind of curing process.

Steroids make heals the inflammation and slower the skin cell growth immediately. Make sure, your physician prescribed it. One can apply it for limited period of time on the itchy areas of the skin.

Salicylic acid is another applicable ointment to cure plaque psoriasis. It makes the scales smooth and softens it properly. There are psoriasis medications.

To slow down the increasing speed of building up the skin cells, coal tar can play a vital role. You should use it carefully because it might develop some irritation on some stages such as sunlight.

2. Phototherapy:

Phototherapy is a popular way of treating psoriasis. It works great even in severe condition. Using a phototherapy unit, this treatment is done by exposing the affected areas of skin to UV light regularly.

Make sure, this should not be done with indoor tanning. The ultra-violate rays effectively pause the faster growth of skin cells. There are some drawbacks of this type of treatments too.

The ultimate risks of heart disease can increase due to apply light therapy. Patient can have the treatment at home or any dermatologist’s center.

3. Systemic drugs:

If your resistance level goes above your tolerance limit, your physician may prescribe systemic drug for you. This treatment can slow down the symptoms and effects of psoriasis.

It functions throughout the body of the patient. Your skin cells are less likely to grow in slow motion for this treatment.

Furthermore, you should remember that it has side effects too. There are major risks of causing skin cancer including with serious depression. That’s why you should take it in proper way with your doctor’s advice.

Again, you should be under observation of your doctor while taking this treatment. This will help the process ease than ever evaluating the possible risks and advantages.

4. Biologic drugs:

This treatment is enough to decrease the inflammation on the some areas of immune system. Also, it can reduce the possibilities of some other disease like joint pain or cardiovascular disease.

5. Natural remedies:

You can use natural remedies like Aloe Vera, cucumber, coconut oil etc. to your skin. They are proven very effective scientifically.  They are easy to get and leave beneficial impact on skin. Make sure, you consult with your dermatologists before taking natural treatment.

Some other steps you can follow:

Besides above-mentioned plaque psoriasis treatment, there are some other definite steps you should try. These initiatives can make you capable to avoid the triggers.

  • Maintain your diet properly:

Weight loss is important. Eat fruits and vegetables and remove fatty food from your food chart.

  • Sooth the skin with proper care:

Try to take a good care for the skin. Try to keep your skin moisturize if possible. Thus, your psoriasis part will be less itchy and painful. Also, it will make the skin escape from getting cracked.


Plaque psoriasis treatment is there to soothe your skin. There are some side effects too. After having treatment what changes come to the skin is extremely important to discuss with him.

Communicate with your physician and be strong emotionally. As plaque psoriasis puts a patient in deep trouble with serious pain, it’s quite easy to break down emotionally. Try to be strong in this stage and consult with your doctor about the condition of the disease specifically.

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