Papular Eczema and Its Causes

Papular eczema is a skin disorder where skin becomes raised, bump, round and scaly patches. Basically, Papular is a symptom of the broad class of dermatological disorder Atopic Dermatitis which is also termed as Atopic Eczema. Hence, the particular symptoms of this disorder has been named Papular Eczema. 

papular eczema

The most common form of eczema is Atopic Eczema which is characterized by dry, itchy, scaly patches. Mostly children are affected by this skin problem who are age under 5. 

Papules can also be developed by viral infection. Some viral infection deteriorates the atopic eczema and hence papules. These viral infections include Herpes simplex, Warts, Muloscum contagiosum etc.

How Papular Eczema looks like?

Apart from raised bump, round and scaly features, papules are also be characterized by other issues also. These are small, dome-shaped pimples but no pus is over there and tissues are abnormal with lesion. It is about less than one centimeter with various shapes papules. Moreover, the color and texture of papule changes. A group of papules resides together in width like fingernail.

What causes Papular Eczema?

It causes due to allergy and allergy comes from environment. Allergy induces release of histamine which eventually produce eczema or allergic dermatitis alternatively called Papular eczema. When foreign substance or allergen comes to body contact, body’s immune system build antibody. This antibody do over-reaction for the protection of the body. Hence, elevated level of antibody or immunoglobulin (Ig) especially IgE protein is found.

Events by which Papular Eczema appears:

There are many diseases in which papules appear. These are as follows:

1) Dermatitis: It is the predominant cause of papules on the skin. It happens due to inflammation of the skin. Mostly, Contact Dermatitis is the main reason of it which occurs by the contact of some particles. Rash type this dermatitis creates allergy on the skin. Particles which are associated for this dermatitis and papules are: Chemicals, Jewelry, Rubber & latex, Makeup, soap.

2) Chickenpox: Chicken pox is a viral infection caused by the varicella zoster, a herpes virus. In this disease, primarily symptoms begins with fever, headache, loss of appetite, weakness. Then, in the following day, papules have been seen, which starts with rash and erythema. Afterward vesicles are appeared in in the papule places. 

3) Molluscum contagiosum: Another viral infection which is self-limited to immunocompetent patient and does not occur as a sequelae. Mainly children are affected by it but adults are also being attacked. However, it is a sexually transmitted disease. It first appears as raised skin where round papules are present. Moreover, it looks smooth, frim and navel shape.

4) Seborrhoeic keratosis: It is another benign verruca like spot appears in adult person of advancing age. This lesion predominantly is seen in whole body but very lower in palm and plantar. Flat or raised papules are common symptoms, which are 1cm to several cm with black, brown or flesh color.

5) Actinic Kertoses (AK): The another name of Actinic keratoses is solar keratosis as because it occurs due to UV radiation of sunlight. This is precancerous scaly skin condition (where additional keratin is present) with erythema mostly seen in people live in tropical regions. The main clinical feature of AK is papule or plaque with rough skin texture.

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