Melasma in Males: Causes and Treatments


Melasma is more likely common skin disease for people who live especially in ultra-violet area. Both men and women can suffer from this disease. Though it severely affects women, melasma in males is also possible to be happened.

Skin may get darken or turns in to brown with itchy allergic condition due to have it. It is more likely to appear in summer months. Many factors can trigger melasma.

There are also better ways to treat this kind of frustrating situation caused by this skin issue. The goal of this article is to make you introduce with the causes of these diseases with men and the aesthetic treatments you can adapt to prevent it.

Melasma in males

What is melasma?

Melasma is such kind of skin disease that is not contagious but offers painful condition to the sufferers. It is more likely to appear on some areas on face like forehead, cheeks, nose, chin etc.

It is seen on forearms in are cases. It mostly causes discoloration on the affected area of the skin. Dark skinned men can suffer from this disease apart from women.

People who have maximum melanin on the body are more likely to face this disease.

Can melasma attack males?

We are more likely introduced with this disease caused severe painful state especially for women. Melasma pregnancy also appears in women. But 10% men are also associated with it. Sun exposure areas are one of the best reasons to create melasma.

In general, women use different types of skin products. Majority of those cosmetics contain chemical substances. Nowadays men are also very fond of using those fashionable skin products. That’s why their skin gets contact with toxic elements.

Again, most of the men remain busy at work in outsides. Mostly, males are not careful for protecting skin from sun heat. The ultra-violet rays invisibly penetrate in skin and cause melasma in males.

Causes which trigger melasma in males:

There are some specific differences in aspects of melasma between men and women. I agree with you in the point that there are a few of similarities.

Here, we would like to highlight those factors that increase the risks of causing melasma in males. Understanding those underlying reasons is much needed to learn for everyone.

1. Sun exposure:

As we have mentioned earlier that people lives in ultra-violet areas are the worst sufferers from this skin problem. How would you feel if you lose your smart look due to have dark spot on your face?

Mostly sun heat is responsible for massive skin issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, etc. Most of the men remain busy in work outside. That’s why majority of their time is being consumed in their respective jobs.

Again they are reluctant to care for skin even in sun heat. The ultra-violate rays of sun affects the pigment skin cells. It can ignite the melanocytes on the skin. The ultimate result is the drastic change in skin texture.

2. Genetic factor:

This is another reason for what Melasma can attack on males. If some of family members had it on their earlier life, chances are there to happen with you.

3. Drugs:

There are some certain drugs that contain toxic materials. Chloroquine, tetracycline etc. are being responsible to lead to the melasma. In many cases, out of frustration or curiosity, boys or adult males take those drugs.

This is absolutely harmful for the skin. The texture of the normal skin gradually loses its flexibility and gets discolored.

4. Mental stress:

Stress is another significant factor to cause melasma in males. It ultimately drives the mind to dive in severe depression. That causes lack of proper sleep.

Eventually, it leaves a bad impact on the total body systems. Excessive stress is likely to generate more melanin on skin cells. For the instance, it ends up in resulting melasma.

5. Much generation of melanocytes-Stimulating Hormone:

Another possible trigger of melasma caused in men is a maximum amount of MSH hormone production. It also leads to thyroid disease. People also can go through hormonal imbalance for it.

Treatment of melasma for male patients:

Will melasma ever go away is a common questionThere are some effective treatments for preventing melasma that works. Despite it can’t be cured thoroughly in some cases. Again, the careful strategies and steps can reduce melanin in body.

1. Reducing stress and anxieties:

Minimizing the stress-related issues can play an impeccable role in preventing this skin disease. Too much worry ultimately damages the night sleep and cause severe bad impact on the organs.

Skin also gets affected for that. Frustration often stimulates the disorder in inner part of body. So always smile and remove your worries. Try to hang out with friends and family for recreation.

Make sure that you completed at least 8 hours of sleep at night. “Believe me; this can bring a wonder to treat melasma in short period of time.

2. Use sun-heat protective material:

When you are outside, apply sunscreen on the body where the UV-ray can reach and penetrate. If it is extremely hot weather, the intensity of UV-ray is must to get a way to fall on you.

Additionally, you can use an umbrella for precaution.

3. Laser treatment:

Before getting laser treatment, you must consult with an experienced dermatologist. First of all, the identification of melasma is must to have. If it is epidermal melasma, laser therapy can work on it properly.

On the contrary, dermal melasma is quite hard to recover with it. That’s why you need to be careful in identifying the types of this skin disease for sure before getting this therapy.

4. Using tropical cream:

Tropical creams contain useful element that is much effective in preventing this skin problem. It ultimately reduces the higher amount of production of melanin.


Melasma in males is not a matter to get intimate. Proper care for skin and advises I friendly share with you is helpful for you. You must follow them properly. Hopefully, this article will show you the right ways of curing it. I expect you to have a quick relief.

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