IPL For Melasma: Another Treatment That Works


Melasma is a skin disease. Researchers still couldn’t find out the actual pathology of this skin pigmentation disease. IPL for melasma is a temporary treatment for curing it. It can make a patient feel good for some time.

IPL for melasma

Is it dangerous or worse treatment? We will know about it in-details in this article.

Melasma causes & medications:

This skin problem arises for some of the following reasons.

  • For genetically issues, it can happen.
  • Too much sun exposure encourages melasma to attack on some of the special area of the skin such as forehead, hands, legs faces etc.
  • Sometimes hormones are issues to cause melasma. See what Hormone Causes Melasma.

Hydroquinone and tretinoin treatments are some of the temporary treatment like IPL. There are some natural treatments and rules to follow forgetting relief from melasma.

IPL for Melasma, Is it another treatment?

IPL is a short form of Intense Pulsed Light. Basically, it is a skin treatment. Most of the cosmetic and medical practitioners used this technology to prevent different types of skin problems.

In most cases, IPL is there for removing sun damage, constant skin pigmentation or removing spot on the different skin areas.

Strong flashes of light have been used in IPL for melasmaThe intense energy is absorbed on the surface of the affected skin.

The heat is powerful enough to break down the pigment. To do so, it divides the pigment into small parts. In a word, it’s an ultimate source of light.

Is IPL treatment risky to apply?

This potential photo light therapy is used to cure spots on faces, wrinkles, hair removal etc. The intense light directly penetrates into the skin and transforms into the heat energy.

“Yeah, it has risks too.” The benefits of this skin pigmentation therapy will include soothing your pain for a while. Ultimately, it’s not a permanent treatment at all.

Melasma laser treatment side effects:

The side effects are there too when you are going through this photo light therapy skin treatment. So make sure you are taking prescriptions of your physician.

  • Pain:

For melasma, when you are taking the intense pulse light treatment, it will make you feel discomfort at times. Again, it may cause severe pain.

Application of anesthetic product on the targeted area is beneficial to numb the affected skin area.

  • Swelling:

After treatment, another side effect is the swelling. IPL may present a sensational swelling that is not expected at all.

  • Infection:

It doesn’t happen every time. For hair removal, infection can be generated from the heat. For melasma, it is rare.

  • Pigment issue:

If too much light penetrates into the lower part of the skin, it is not a good sign at all. It can create skin pigmentation especially people with dark skins.


IPL for melasma is not the permanent solution at all. That’s why we think always will Melasma Ever Go Away?

In some cases, it made the condition tougher to deal with. Taking natural remedy is the ideal for having better relief.

It can be helpful for the patients sometimes. It can’t eliminate total symptoms but encourages side effects. Consult with your doctor before dealing with it.

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